Makeuseof- Pinebook 64 Laptop Giveaway


Enter this giveaway and stand a chance to win a PinebPinebook 64, 14″ Laptop from Make Use Of. PINEBOOK is an 11.6″ or 14″ notebook powered by the same Quad-Core ARM Cortex A53 64-Bit Processor used in our popular PINE A64 Single Board Computer. It is lightweight and comes with a full size keyboard and large multi-touch touchpad for students and makers.

As a new open source platform, Pinebook development is an ongoing process and represents a great opportunity to get involved with computing on a different level, to customise and personalise the portable computer experience, to understand what is going on beneath the surface. Your input can help shape and define what a Pinebook can be.

Giveaway Ends: 5 October 2017
Eligibility: Worldwide
Giveaway Prize: Pinebook 64 Laptop


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