What is giveaway ?

A thing that is given away for free, often for promotional purposes and to a participant chosen from a pool of entries at random.

How to participate in giveaway ?

To participate in a giveaway you have to do some simple tasks like following the brand’s twitter account, sharing the product page on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. and all these tasks you do increases your chances to win.

Do people really win giveaway?

Yes, people do win the giveaway, The Internet is so Big, so Powerful and Pointless and people also do scam using the word “giveaway” just to get a free traffic to their site, likes, followers etc but here at Giveaway Arena, we post only the trusted giveaways from the various trusted sources. there are many participants who have won these giveaways so we recommend you to keep trying your luck, you will win for sure one fine day. 🙂